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Defiance - Painted From Memory

Epsiode Synopsis

Its an episode where characters from the past have returned. In the last episode, Kenya Rosewater returned from the dead, this episode sees the return of Quentin, son of Rafe McCawley who had gone off to search for his mother. Also returning is Niles Pottinger, the Mayor.

Kenya is trying to remember her past but they are only coming in segments, the only memories are of what happened with her and her sister Amanda Rosewater. Kenya doesn't seem to remember being poisoned by Stahma Tarr. Stahma turns to her estranged husband to locate the grave that Stahma dug to hide Kenya's body. After digging in a Lavender flower field, Datak Tarr discovers the skull and she is well and truly dead.

Doc Yewll plans to erase Kenya's memory once and for all by injecting a drug into Kenya. Before the drug enters the body, Kenya remembers more of where she was and does take in the drug.

When Kenya tries to have sex with Joshua Nolan, Joshua discovers that Kenya's scars have disappeared and so realises that Kenya isn't Kenya. Kenya disappears and confronts Pottinger and Yewll. Kenya holds a gun to Yewll but is saved by Pottinger. Kenya is able to disarm them both before running off. Kenya takes money from the Need/Want safe and says her goodbyes to her sister.

The truth is that Kenya is an indogene that Yewll and Pottinger had planned to use to lure Amanda Rosewater into a false sense of security so that Pottinger could manipulate Amanda.

Yewll turns to Rafe McCawley for help in disappearing, Rafe takes her somewhere to be hidden. Kenya leaves Defiance.

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