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Past is Prologue - Defiance

Epsiode Synopsis

At a special celebration of Mayor Nicky life, after Amanda Rosewater has done her speech, Datak Tarr arrives and does a speech which is off-topic but political. At the gathering is a Colonel from the Earth Republic.

The next day when Alak Tarr goes to see his father, his father Dalak is angry with Alak and decides to punish the teenager. Datak is angry with the wedding ceremony in that Christie McCawley didn't wear a blindfold ornament for the ceremony. Dalak forces his son to carry out a ceremony of forgiveness.

Amanda Rosewater and Datak Tarr take part in a question and answer part in the town square. Jeb Nolan, Irisa and Tommy Lasalle are keeping watch when Jeb notices someone taking aim with a gun. Little does Jeb know, the gun is a paintball gun but Jeb doesn't know and shoots the lad who falls to his death.

The object that Doc Yewll has, everytime, Yewll uses it, Irisa is in pain. During the Q&A session, Irisa goes to Yewll surgery and tries to hunt down an item she saw earlier but doesn't find it.

Datak manages to find Jebs military record and reads it out to the entire city population. Datak Tarr calls an emergency town meeting where he calls for Jeb Nolan but both Rafe McCawley and Amanda Rosewater are standing by Jeb. Jeb comes to visit Amanda later and tells her, he has quit but its to be seen as a sacking otherwise Datak Tarr will have won.

Rafe McCawley's miners kidnap Alak Tarr off the street and beat him up in a cargo container. Rafe tells Alak that because he is his son in law, Alak won't be killed tonight. Later on Jeb has a fight with Datak Tarr because of what Datak revealed about Jebs war history. Jeb feels the urge to kill Datak but Irisa appears and prevents him.

When Yewll uses the object again, Irisa is in pain and is taken to Yewll. Yewll plans to operate on Irisa to take out the object. During the operation, Irisas object causes Irisa to leave after she gets flashbacks of the moments before Jeb rescued her years ago. The object inside Irisa is a silver object, same pattern as the gold object that Yewll had.

Irisa runs into the woods and stumbles to be found by Rynn who thinks about killing her because of what Jeb did to Suker.

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