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Put the Damage On - Defiance

Epsiode Synopsis

Amanda Rosewater begins to see hallucinations and thinks people are trying to kill her. At first, she thinks she's being attacked and then later, think that Jeb Nolan is angry with her outside in the street. Amanda reports the incidents to Jeb but he can find no evidence of any intruders. When Amanda is locked down in Rafe McCawley's old house, Amanda thinks someone is outside and so Irisa and Tommy Lasalle who are protecting her go outside, they can't find anyone outside. When Irisa and Tommy return, Amanda shoots them.

Rafe McCawley is living with Stahma Tarr having been evicted from his old place. Rafe has some getting used to to living with the Castithans and getting used to their customs such as bathing together. When Datak Tarr comes begging to be allowed back, the Sensoth house guard punches Datak Tarr. Eventually Datak is allowed in to beg for forgiveness. Christie McCawley refuses to forgive given what is happened to Alak Tarrs' hand at the hands of Datak. Datak leaves and goes to Need/Want where he has a business proposition with a male Irathient employee.

When Jeb Nolan and Pottinger search for Amanda who has now disappeared, Pottinger starts hallucinating like Amanda. Pottinger thinks he has seen Connor Lang who was killed in the previous series. Pottinger comes face to face with Connor and they have a discussion.

Doc Yewll comes face to face with Lev, a female Indogene with whom Yewll had had a previous relationship with. When the Doc is needed by Jeb Nolan, the Doc has disappeared. Jeb Nolan takes Amanda to the Doctors office and is about to remove the implant that is causing Amanda to hallucinate but is stopped from doing so at the last moment as it will kill Amanda. Yewll removes the implant.

Doc removes an implant from Pottinger which is revealed, they were both behind the implant in the first place. The implant had malfunctioned which is why they were hallucinating. Yewll is also affected by the faulty equipment but she is not yet ready to let go of Lev.

Episode Details

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