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Slouching Towards Bethlehem - Defiance

Epsiode Synopsis

Whilst Joshua Nolan is being given information about Irzu from Irisa, Joshua is called to arrest Mahsuvus Gorath, a Voltan Collective spy in the Need/Want Whorehouse. The Viceroy has information that the Voltan Collective is going to nuke New York and that Mahsuvus is a spy.

The Viceroy gives authorisation for Mahsuvus to be tortured. Amanda Rosewater receives information that Kenya Rosewater is alive and has proof. The kidnapper wants a trade, Kenya for Mahsuvus. Amanda needs to get the person out of the interrogation room. When Amanda confides in Joshua, Joshua only wants to save New York rather than rescue Kenya.

Joshua enlists the help of Irisa to triangulate the location of where the call is coming from. Irisa goes to the location, nearly crashing her car in the process and comes face to face with Fionu, a Casisthan female with whom she had infected in the first episode of the series.

Amanda knocks out Joshua and then breaks Mahsuvus out of prison. Joshua manages to free himself from the cuffs that Amanda had put him in and confronts Amanda. Mahsuvus is shot dead by Datak Tarr from a sniper position.

Joshua pretends to Mahsuvus and manages to rescue Kenya Rosewater but the kidnappers escapes.

Episode Details

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Next EpisodePainted From Memory

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