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The Bride Wore Black - Defiance

Epsiode Synopsis

It is Alak Tarr's bachelor party where the high-jinks gets out of control and Alak falls and breaks a wooden wall. Behind the wall is the skeletal remains of person. Joshua Nolan is called to investigate and removes a ring from the dead person.

When Jeb Nolan shows Tommy Lasalle the ring, Tommy recognises it as belonging to Hunter Bell who disappeared seven years ago. It was Hunter Bell who got Tommy the job as a lawkeeper in Defiance after Hunter didn't like Tommy betting. Hunter Bell was going to get married to Kenya Rosewater but that was canned. It is revealed that Kenya didn't really like Hunter, it was just a facade.

Jeb goes back to the scene with Irisa and discovers hair that belongs to a Liberata, most likely Jared, the bar maid. When Irisa and Tommy go to track down the Liberata, they find that she has been killed and her skins is a blue colour.

Through a flashback, we learn that Hunter Bell had witnessed a conversation between Nicky and Doc Yewll. Nicky killed Hunter Bell to keep it secret and persuaded Jared to keep quiet. When the body was found, Nicky panicked and killed Jared.

Datak Tarr puts his foot down with his son and tells him that he doesn't want Alak to marry Christie McCawley. Alak goes to see Christie and tells her the weddings off. Alak has to confront Rafe McCawley when he comes home. Rafe persuades Alak that the wedding should go on.

Nicky's secret is that she's not human but is in fact Indogene disguised as a human. When Nicky goes to see Doc Yewll, Doc decides that Nicky is a liability and kills Nicky. Doc takes the gold ornament that Nicky has and hides it.

The wedding takes place with Christie not wearing the face mask that Stahma had earlier given her. Datak Tarr turns up to watch his son get married.

Doc Yewll has staged Nickys death as a suicide in a car. With Nicky is a suicide note claiming responsibility for both deaths. Jeb congratulates Tommy by saying that Tommy solved the case.

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