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The Cord and the Ax - Defiance

Epsiode Synopsis

Irisa's dreams are becoming more terrifying. She seemingly kills Bertie, the female Liberatta housekeeper of Rafe McCawley. Irisa is encouraged to do it by Irzu, a young Irathient female that has been plaguing her for a while now.

Jeb Nolan begins an investigation into Bertie's death. He is assisted by Irisa. When Jeb reports to Mayor Pottinger, Irisa is sent to Berlin to investigate the incident from webcams set up around the city. When Berlin is about to discover the truth, Irzu appears and destroys the footage and Irisa decides to not kill Berlin.

Amanda Rosewater's drug use is escalating. When a punter at Need/Want is beating up a worker, Amanda intervene but it turns nasty until Jeb Nolan and Tommy Lasalle arrive to break it up. It is then that its discovered that Amanda has been drug abusing. Stahma Tarr tries to ween the drug out of her.

Doc Yewll manages to persuade Pottinger to let her out of the prison so that she can carry on her research. Yewll persuade Pottinger to release Datak Tarr also to help her which he agrees to.

Irisa runs away to Suker who is out of his coma. That night, the Artifact that is inside Irisa infects Suker. Irisa runs away and tries to kill herself with a gun but Irzu prevents it from happening. Irisa sleeps rough and is woken up by Bertie, the woman she killed earlier. Later on, in the morning, Irisa and Bertie are seen running across the fields by Rafe and Jeb Nolan.

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