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The Devil in the Dark - Defiance

Epsiode Synopsis

The episode begins with a human male going for a run in the woods outside Defiance and ends up being killed by an unseen monster.

Another murder happens at Kenya Rosewater Need/Want house. The second time, the monsters explode out of the belly of the victim, very much like the Xenomorph from alien.

Irisa begins getting visions of an incident on a farm where a man and woman are killed and the little girl has escaped.

The Irathients who came to the aid of the villagers in Pilot visit the town.

Christie McCawley is having dinner with Alak Tarr and his parents, Datak Tarr and Stahma Tarr when Dalak insults Christie who has begun learning the Castithan language and knows what he saids storms out. As Christie opens the door, she is greeted by Hellbugs. Datak is on hand to protect them. They descend to Rafe McCawley home where Jeb Nolan, Irisa and Yewll turn up to scan the McCawleys for any pheromones. The hellbugs are attracted by pheromones. When Christie turns out to be covered in pheromones, Jeb turns his investigation towards Rafe. Irisa discovers a picture that brings back memories and storms out.

Jeb goes after Irisa as she rejected Tommy Lasalle. Irisa's visions get stronger and she visits Shuka, one of the Irathient visitors for help. Shuka helps her to remember and Irisa tells them that Rynn, the person behind the murders is in the Mines where they must go to confront her and kill the remaining hellbugs.

Inside the mines, the group (Irisa, Jeb, Shuka and Tommy) discover a nest of Hellbugs and Rynn who shoots Shuka. Rynn is relieved of her weapon and the leave the place.

The visions that Irisa was having was of Rynn's parents murder. The land Rynn's parents were living on was taken and sold to Rafe. At the end, Amanda Rosewater agrees to the hand over from Rafe to the Irathients

Episode Details

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