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The Last Unicorns - Defiance

Epsiode Synopsis

In the aftermath of the previous episode, Alak Tarr visits Pilar's house and sees his wife Christie McCawley and father-in-law Rafe McCawley dead or dying. He leaves the house with Pilar McCawley and his son. After treking through the snow, they spot a caravan where they take shelter. Pilar kills the occupants and takes it over. During the night, Alak wakes up to discover Pilar and his son has disappeared. Alak searches for his wife but can't find them.

Amanda Rosewater and Joshua Nolan visit the McCawley mines and are attacked by the purple female. Amanda shoots the female and injures her. Amanda and Joshua take the injured female back to Defiance and to Doc Yewll. Yewll recognises that the female is an Omec. Omec are the least liked members of the Voltans. They attack, enslave and eat the other races.

After the female has been patched up, the female is chained up in the jail. Irisa and Berlin guard the prisoner but the prisoner eventually escapes and kills a Castithan child.

The male Omec comes to town and ends up in the bar where he demands to see his daughter. Amanda wants a deal on the gulanite in the mines but the Omec male is not interested. Amanda wants half the gulanite but the man wants his daughter.

The female Omec has escaped and the town turns on the female but Joshua arrives to save her.

Datak Tarr and Stahma Tarr set about trying to kill General Rahm Tak but when they get their chance, Rahm reveals he has Alak Tarr. Rahm wants the Tarrs to go back to Defiance and spy on the populace for the Voltan Collective.

Episode Details

Previous EpisodeThe World We Seize
Next EpisodeBroken Bough

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