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The Opposite of Hallelujah - Defiance

Epsiode Synopsis

The second series kicks off nine months after the end of the previous series. The town of Defiance is now under the control of Earth Republic. Datak Tarr is imprisoned in a prison camp outside of Defiance for murdering Colonel Marsh. Datak's wife Stahma Tarr goes to visit him to update him on the state of affairs of Datak's business dealings.

The mine that once belonged to Rafe McCawley has now been nationalised by the Earth Republic and Rafe has been turned into nothing more than a miner.

With Datak in prison, Alak Tarr tries to take control of his Dad's business dealings but he is undermind by his mother Stahma who takes control of the business and metes out punishment beatings of her own.

With Kenya Rosewater missing, Amanda Rosewater assumes control of her sisters business establishment and refuses to believe that Kenya will not return even when talking to Kenya's murderer Stahma.

Jeb Nolan continues his search for his adopted daughter Irisa which takes him first to New Chicago and then to Arc Angel (Los Angeles) where he finds Irissa. Irisa keeps seeing visions of another Irathient woman but can't make out the significance. Jeb says that they're going to Antartica but Irisa wants to go back to Defiance which they up doing.

Tommy Lasalle is a police enforcer for Defiance and the New Republic.

Episode Details

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