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The Serpent's Egg - Defiance

Epsiode Synopsis

A coach has arrived in Defiance and along with it an Olfin, an Earth Republic Representative who had been trying to get into contact with Amanda Rosewater but Amanda had been ignoring her. Amanda and Jeb Nolan are transporting Rynn, the Irathients criminal from an earlier episode to Las Vegas. Oflin is also on the journey with two of her husbands. During the journey, there is an explosion on board the transport and it turns out the priest who was travelling with them is behind the explosion.

The transport is hijacked by armed people who want the cash that Jeb is carrying. During the ensuing situation, one of Oflin's husbands is killed and Oflin is taken hostage. The priest wants the money for Oflin. Amanda and Jeb plan to rescue Oflin and keep the money. It goes seemingly to plan and Oflin is rescued. When Oflin is away, the Priest reveals that Oflin planned it all.

Back at the camp, Oflin turns on the others but is disabled by Rynn who had earlier escaped. Rynn allows Jeb to arrest Oflin and then leaves with the surviving Oflins husbands. Jeb, Amanda and Oflin return to Defiance where Oflin is released into police custody. Once onboard the prison vehicle, Oflin is released and plans her next move.

Also arrived is a Castithan who Irisa believes she recognises as someone who tortured her. Irisa kidnaps the Castithan who she believes is Daigo, someone who she believed was going to kill her had it not been for Jeb who rescued her. We see her past in flashbacks including up to the moment that Jeb rescues her.

Tommy Lasalle follows Irisa and finds out what she's done. Irisa handcuffs Tommy to a radiator whilst she interrogates the Castithan and tries to make a confession. Eventually, Daigo confirms who he is. Instead of killing Daigo, Irisa lets him go, releasing him is more punishment than killing him. The title refers to an incident whilst Irisa was captive.

Irisa and Tommy make love on the floor of the police station.

Episode Details

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