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The World We Seize - Defiance

Epsiode Synopsis

Its seven months since the events of the last series. The entire place is snow covered. In space, a space ship has arrived and inside are two purple people. After talking amongst themselves, they leave in pods and head down to Defiance. They head towards the McCawley Mines and enter. They locate the pod that is holding Joshua Nolan and Irisa and free them. When the female wants to eat Joshua, the man tells her she can't. Joshua is knocked out.

Joshua and Irisa wake up in the snow and have no idea how they got there. They plan to make it back to Defiance but on the way, they have trouble with some Castithans where Irisa freezes before Joshua saves her.

Datak Tarr, his wife Stahma Tarr and Rafe McCawley discover a Voltan Collective encampment. Rafe is hit with a weapon by Datak so that they can approach the encampment. The base is controlled by General Rahm Tak, a senior Castithan officer in the Voltan Collective. The Tarr use Rafe as collateral so they can pretend to join the gang.

Pilar McCawley has Christie McCawley chained up along with Alak Tarr and Quentin McCawley. Pilar and Alak leave the house, only for Rahm to approach the house and take it over. Christie is hiding with her child.

Christie is discovered hiding and Stahma Tarr is forced to kill Christie. Stahma killed Christie in order to protect Luke McCawley, Christies child from being discovered. Rafe McCawley attempted a rescue but ends up being killed in the process.

Joshua and Irisa return to Defiance. Joshua visits Amanda Rosewater to discover that the Earth Republic are no longer there any more. Berlin sees Irisa and beats up Irisa for killing Tommy Lasalle.

Amanda has managed to persuade Doc Yewll to stay in Defiance.

Episode Details

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