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This Womans Work - Defiance

Epsiode Synopsis

An ark space ship is going to fall to the ground and the Earth Republic Viceroy has told Pottinger to go and investigate it once it has landed. Pottinger brings Joshua Nolan along. When Tommy Lasalle wants to bring Berlin along too, Joshua says he can't so Tommy resigns. Later on, Tommy witnesses Irisa attack an Irathien who later makes a recovery.

Pottinger and Joshua investigate the fallen space ship and discover that inside is a Gulanee, an Voltan killing robot that thrives on energy. After the Gulanee has killed all the members of the Earth Republic troops, Joshua sets about creating a trap for the creature. Pottinger sacrifices his Bioman Churchill to hill the machine whilst Joshua sets up a trap which later works. Pottinger is later demoted by the Viceroy who is upset at the failure of capturing the Gulanee, the Viceroy doesn't care about the dead.

Stahma Tarr is upset at having been put down by a Casisthan holy man that she sets about revenge. When the Castithan women reject her plan, Stahma kills the women and frames the holy man who is strung up and tortured.

Rafe McCawley suggests to Stahma that she invited Datak Tarr for dinner but the idea is rejected. Christie McCawley is friends with Alak Tarr's fellow radio presenter.

The Viceroy is seen putting on white make-up to make himself look like a Castithan and be befriends a young Castithan woman.

Berlin and Tommy had planned to leave Defiance and go to Texas but after Tommy witnessed Irisa attack someone, Tommy decides to stay. When Tommy tells Berlin, Berlin doesn't like the idea and dumps Tommy. At the beginning of the episode, Berlin was seen making love to Tommy. At the end, Berlin is making love with Joshua.

Episode Details

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