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Delenda Est - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

The crew of the Andromeda Ascendant begin to experience strange events. Dylan Hunt is locked in his office watching a video of him getting close and personal with Sara from his time before being trapped in the black hole. Later on, Rebekah Valentine whilst on the bridge witnesses a video of her passionately kissing Tyr Anasazi. Seamus Harper and Rommie see a cat and when they chase after the cat, Seamus is nearly pulled into a black hole but is saved by Rommie who is able to use her weight to pull him back.

When power is restored to normal, Dylan Hunt orders everyone to the bridge but Rommie isn't amongst them. The ships computer is unable to find the avatar but is eventually discovered. Dylan orders Rommie to the bridge but she doesn't want to go. The strange goings on and the portals are caused by the same inter-dimensional creatures that appeared at the end of the last series in Tunnel at the end of the Light.

Rommie is eventually captured by the aliens and disappears through a portal. Dylan orders Rebekah Valentine to take the Eureka Maru out with him onboard. The Eureka is taken a short distance away from the Ascendant when a portal appears. After the portal closes, they return.

Rommie's avatar has been located in a cave system on a planet not far from their location. Dylan wants him and Tyr Anasazi to go and get Rommie. Tyr doesn't care about Rommie as Seamus Harper can build another one. Tyr decides to go after being inspired to seek revenge for what the aliens had done to Tyr earlier.

Tyr and Dylan use slip fighters to get down to the planet. The two men make their way to where Rommie is being held by taking out the aliens when they see them. When they find Rommie, Rommie's clothes are ripped and she is tied up. The aliens plan to use Rommie as a power source. After Rommie is released, she then gets to work building a timed bomb. The group leave the planet as the black hole outside the ship opens with more alien space ships coming through. Seamus gets his machine that resolved the incident before and turns it on.

After the aliens have gone back, Seamus turns off the machine. Everything is seemingly back to normal. One of the aliens appears and gives Dylan a sword as a sign that he has won and they have lose.

Delenda Est is latin for must be destroyed.

Episode Details

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Next EpisodeThe Dark Backward

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