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Die My Dichtomy - Farscape

Epsiode Synopsis

In order to get the neuroclone out of John's head, they visit an ice world where an alien will perform the operation. John Crichton is being taken over more and more by the clone. His temperament is being erratic. Once down on the planet, the surgeon carries out a preliminary operation before releasing him. The Neuroclone gains control of John and he flees in a craft. Aeryn follows him through the mountains and a canyon. The pursuit ends when John in Scorpius mode drops onto Aeryn's craft. Aeryn Sun ejects but John can't do anything as she falls to her death. Aeryn crashes into a frozen lake as John gains back his mind and body. The body is retrieved and frozen in a pod for later. John returns to the surgery table where the alien scientist removes the chip controlling the neuroclone from his brain. As the operation is complete, Scorpius walks into the room and tells him he's allowing John to live and walks out.

Episode Details

Previous EpisodeLiars, Guns and Money
Next EpisodeSeason of Death

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