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Different Destinations - Farscape

Epsiode Synopsis

Stark, John Crichton, Aeryn Sun, Captain Ka Dargo and Joolushko Tunai Fenta Hovalis visit a church on a mountain that was instrumental in the history of the planet. Using a form of special goggles, they are able to see into the past. When Stark looks through the goggles, he pulls them back into the battle that so symbolises the church. Attempts at getting back without changing the future prove to be problematic. They send Jools back to the future but the others stay to put things right. The Venek General who was instrumental in the peace deals is killed when he's not supposed. They think that by getting a Peacekeeper soldier killed that the timeline will fall into place but it doesn't. Aeryns plan is to trick the Veneks into believing that a massive Peacekeeper force is based in the church walls which works. Once they believe that the timeline has returned to normal, they return to their own time. D'argo goes looking for the mark that a small girl made when he was in the past and its there.

Episode Details

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Next EpisodeEat Me

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