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Doctor Who - Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

Epsiode Synopsis

The Doctor is seen travelling through time, first visiting Queen Nefertiti in ancient Greek then in 1910 to visit a game hunter. Brian Williams is helping his son Rory Williams to change a bulb in the Williams house when the Tardis materialises around them then The Doctor takes everyone to an alien spaceship along with the game hunter, Riddell and the Queen.

They soon discover that there are dinosaurs on board the ship. The six travellers are broken into two teams, one containing the Doctor, Rory Williams and his dad. The other team consists of Riddel, Amy Pond and Queen Nefertiti. The Doctors team gets teleported to what looks like the outside, its a beach. It turns out that the outside isn't the outside but the engine room and the ship is powered by hydro power. The spaceship is on a collision course with Earth and that the Indian Space Agency are going to blow it up unless the Doctor can change the course.

The Doctors team are captured by two comical robots who takes the team to the captain of the ship. The captain of the ship Solomon isn't the original captain of the ship but a pirate who capture the ship and ejected the Silurians who were asleep. After the Doctor patches up Solomon, the Doctors team escape from the robots by using a Triceratops as a horse.

Amy teams are confronted by Raptors, the dinosaurs that are now a mainstay feature of all dinosaur movies since Jurassic Park. Riddel wants to shoot them but Amy persuades Riddell not to but tranqualise them.

Solomon makes an escape from the main spaceship which the Doctor has placed an object that the missiles can home in on. The Doctor reprogrammes the ship to not crash on Earth. Amy and Rory are returned to Earth but Brian Williams wants to stay and go travelling with the Doctor.

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