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Battlestar Galactica - Dirty Hands

Epsiode Synopsis

After an incident with a Colonial Raptor which nearly hit the Colonial One, the craft of President Laura Roslin, an investigation is started. The trail leads back to the Tylium refinery ship, Algieba. Xeno Fenner, the captain in charge of the Algieba is bought before the President and Commander William Adama who complains of bad treatment and how its only certain people who have to work there and there's no R&R (Rest and Relaxation). When the President hears Xeno quote Dr. Gaius Baltar, Laura has Xeno thrown in the brig.

Laura visits Baltar to get the manuscript that he is writing. The words are allegedly inspiring people to strike and disobey. When Baltar doesn't hand over the writings, he orders him to be strip searched and then he hands over the manuscript.

Cpl. Tyrol and Jen Seelix are sent to the refinery to start an investigation. They discover that filters have been removed and the crew of the ship are refusing to work until they get better standards. Tyrol reports what he has found back to Laura but it falls on deaf ears.

Tyrol confronts Baltar about the writings and dismisses what he has been writing. According to the book that Gaius is writing, Gauis was born and brought up on Aerilon which Tyrol finds hard to believe. For a start, the Aerilon accent is very distinct and there's no hint of an accent on Gaius. Aerilons are predominantly farmers and to have come so far, Tyrol finds hard.

When Tyrol returns to the ship, he calls the ship to strike for better appreciation by the senior members of the crew. When Galactica hears of the strike, Tyrol is arrested and thrown in the brig. Commander Adama approaches Tyrol in the brig and threatens to throw Cally ( Battlestar ) out of the airlock unless Tyrol calls off the strike which Tyrol eventually does.

After being released, Tyrol visits the President. The President agrees to rotate people around the ships. The President asks Tyrol to be a union representative like he was on New Caprica.

The episode finishes with Seelix being told off by Lt. Kara Thrace ( Starbuck ) for being late for flight training which Seelix didn't know about.

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