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D Minus Zero - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

Dylan Hunt and Tyr Anasazi are playing basketball when news come through that their ship is under fire so the game is called off. Dylan takes control of the situation but Rebekah Valentine is unhappy and shows it. When Dylan orders Seamus Harper to carry out a manoeuvre, Rebekah tells him not to. Dylan reinstates the command then remonstrates with Beka when the situation is over.

It is not only Beka who gets on the Captain's wrong side, Tyr Anasazi disobeys Dylan's orders when Tyr is told to stay where he is. Tyr was controlling fighter craft and went to Harper's aid when he shouldn't have.

Tyr and Rebekah talk about taking control or leaving the craft. Tyr doesn't want to be captain, he'll be happy with just being the First Officer to Captain Valentine. They decide to stay nevertheless.

Dyan orders Rommie to take the Andromeda Ascendant into the corona of the nearby star. The heat and radiation from the star's corona will mask the Ascendant from the enemy craft until the ships slipstream and weapons are back on-line .

Dylan tries to build a bridge with Harper by asking him to make a device which he gives the plans to. The device is to mask the Eureka Maru and pretend it is the Ascendant to lure the enemy craft away so that the Ascendant can come in and attack it.

The mutiny comes to a head when Beka says that her crew is leaving but Rev Bem and Trance Gemini decide that they wish to stay. Beka goes to the Maru and discovers the device that Harper built. After a chat between Beka and Dylan, Beka agrees to fly the Eureka to lure the enemy craft away. The plan works like a treat and the craft is attacked and disabled. The ship self-destructs so there's no way of knowing who the attackers were.

The episode ends with Dylan Hunt and Tyr Ansazi playing basketball. This time round, Dylan Hunt hits Tyr Anasazi like Tyr did to him earlier.

D Minus Zero as Dylan refers to it is the moment that the threat occurs.

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