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Farscape - DNA Mad Scientist

Epsiode Synopsis

Desperate to get back to their home worlds, the crew of Moya enlist the help of a scientist working out in an asteroid. He says he can take a creatures dna and tell it where its home planet is. The only person who doesn't take part initially Aeryn Sun as she cannot go home. The scientist only request is that he has an arm from Pilot. After deliberating, Captain Ka Dargo, Pau Zotoh Zhaan and Dominar Rygel XVI chop off Pilots arm, knowing full well that the arm can regrow. The scientist Namtar receives the arm and proceeds to make a map for them. Aeryn has second thoughts about not going through with the generation of the map and returns, he does the same operation he carried out on the others in the hope he will create a map showing where there are other sebacean colonies apart from the home world. She begins to feel ill when she returns to the ship. When the map is received by moya, Rygel hides it. Aeryn returns in the hope of getting some answers but she doesn't and returns with John Crichton to help her but it proves fruitless. They decide to call on the help of Kornata, the scientists assistant who reveals that she was the scientist before Namtar took over. She agrees to help. Aeryn is taken away by Namtar whilst the other two work on a cure. Once the cure has been created they return to the lab and inject the cure into Namtar when he's not looking. Namtar becomes nothing more than a large rat. Aeryn is injected with the cure and they return to the ship. The map turns out to be a trojan horse, its real purpose is to damage Moya memory.

Copyright: Henson

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