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Dog with Two Bones - Farscape

Epsiode Synopsis

Moya's child leviathan Talyn has died and Moya wants to take his remains to an area of space that is sacred amongst leviathan space craft. Another leviathan objects to Talyns remains being "buried" in the sacred ground so the crew of Moya need to deal with the rogue leviathan.

Throughout the episode, John Crichton is struggling with his feelings for Aeryn Sun. He keeps imaging that the crew of Moya, his friends and his dad Jack Crichton are participants in a future wedding of John and Aeryn. John pictures himself with Aeryn looking at and buying a wedding dress. Part of the episode takes place on Earth rather than in the ship. When the time comes for the wedding, the peace and tranquillity of the wedding is interrupted by the storming of the wedding reception by Peacekeeper soldiers led by Scorpius.

John in his dreams has to deal with Chiana who has been stealing rather than buying gifts and is seen to elope with Jack.

On the ship, Utu-Noranti Pralatong has joined the crew as a cook but also as someone who using dust which she blows into peoples faces causing hallucinations.

John tries to confront Aeryn and confesses that he loves her but for Aeryn, it is not good enough, she wants to get as far away from Crichton as possible. Earlier on in the series, Aeryn witnessed the death of John's copy and doesn't want to go through that again, she loves him but doesn't want to see him die again. Their fate is sealed when John tosses a coin and it is implied that the coin landed causing them to split up. The episode ends with Crichton being on his own in his Farscape craft and Moya being pulled into a wormhole leaving him stranded.

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