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Double Helix - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

The Andromeda Ascendant arrives at a location where there is a battle going on between a group of Thans and a nietzschean pride. The Ascendant on Dylan Hunt's orders provides protection for the surviving Than craft.

Dylan Hunt tries to bring about a truce between the Than and the Nietzschean by sending down Tyr Anasazi as a diplomat. After nearly managing to fool the nietzscheans who tried to have him killed, he is welcomed into the Pride and is selected as a mate for a female.

Tyr Anasazi returns to the Ascendant to report on his diplomacy and then returns to the asteroid to carry out upgrades. On his return, he makes love with the female who had taken such an interest in him. The nietzscheans then plot and carry out a plan to take control of the Ascendant so that it can be used against the oncoming Than army. However, Tyr who seemed like he was going to turn his back on Dylan, actually was a ruse to gain the Nietzscheans respect and it worked. When the hijack is in full swing, Tyr blows up the Pride's main weapon defence causing them to retreat and then evacuate the asteroid.

Although it was uncertain which side Tyr was on, he was always on the side of Dylan Hunt. Tyr is Kodiak pride and is the last of his kind, the pride in the asteroid were Orca Pride. Tyr sees the Orca's as traitors who never came to the Kodiak's aide when they needed it so destroying the Orca can help him on his quest of revenge.

Rommie tries to get used to her physical body, questioning why Seamus Harper designed her body in the way that he did.

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