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Double or Nothingness - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

The crew of the Andromeda Ascendant are watching a battle on screen after which Dylan Hunt decides that he should go and intervene to help after witnessing the destruction of a high guard ship, the same organisation he is sworn to protect.

When the Ascendant reaches the location, there is no signs of a battle ever taking place. Dylan is contacted by the ground and two Nietzscheans, Shig and Lipp-Set invite him down to the planet and Dylan duly accepts. The ship is left in the hands of Beka Valentine whilst Dylan is away.

Rommie reveals that there is a gas leak and that when Seamus Harper contacts the bridge, Seamus tells them that the walls have been painted and it is at that time that Rommie tells Seamus the truth.

The planet that they have visited is very close to its star. The people live underground and the planet is hit by solar flares. In order to protect the Ascendant, Rommie shuts down periodically in the episode.

After a brief meeting on the planet, Dylan leaves to return to the Ascendant. On the way back, his ship is attacked and Dylan manages to escape from the crash. Dylan is captured by Shig and Lipp-Set who sentence him to death. Shig and Lipp-Set plan to kill Dylan by throwing him into an area of yellow lava. Dylan manages to break free of his bonds and take on those holding him prisoner. Dylan falls into the lava but it turns out to be an illusion. Dylan uses Lipp-Set as a hostage to get out of the room.

Dylan enters a room with an oriental theme. Dylan disarms himself, only for the other people to take him captive. Eventually, Dylan manages to over power everyone. When Dylan is shown the exit, he doesn't go but instead shoots himself as he realises he's dreaming. During his escape, Dylan comes face to face with him Mum but he doesn't shoot her, she simply disappears.

Dylan wakes up to see Rommie and Trance Gemini welcoming him back. When it's announced the Ascendant has been invaded, Dylan runs off to help Seamus Harper whose being chased by Bloodmist, the leader of the Magog who had captured him in Its Hour Come Round at Last. Bloodmist ends up shooting and killing Seamus Harper.

At the medical bay, Beka is crying over Seamus's body. Eventually, Dylan has enough of what is going on, Dylan trick Beka to get off Seamus's body and then throws her into a wall where the wall bubbles and Beka disappears. Dylan awakes in a chair with Shig and Lipp-Sett.

Dylan manages to persuade the two to double their odds on him and bet everything on him. After some convincing, Lipp-Set and Shig let Dylan go.

Dylan makes it back to the Ascendant. A Dylan is about to kiss Rommie after talking to her. Another Dylan walks in and the two Dylans fight. When the two Dylans are separated, Rommie chooses one of the Dylans and shoots him. Rommie has chosen the correct Dylan because she recognised the real Dylans life signs.

Episode Details

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Next EpisodeHarper/Delete

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