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Farscape - Dream a Little Dream

Epsiode Synopsis

Pau Zotoh Zhaan and John Crichton are stuck in a transport pod waiting for the return of Moya when John starts singing 'Dream a Little Dream'. it prompts Zhaan to tell John about a dream she keeps having of where she sees Aeryn Sun, John, Captain Ka Dargo die on the Gammak Base. Gammak Base is where John first meets Scorpius and has the neural plant placed in him. Zhaan flashes back to the incident on Litigara.

Zhaan is arrested on Litigara having been accused of murder. The planet is run by lawyers, 90% of the population are lawyers according to Dominar Rygel XVI. During Zhaan's time in prison, she begins hallucinating, thinking she sees her friends come to rescue her but thye are just that, hallucinations. Zhaan's fate rests with proving her innocence with the help of Chiana and Rygel.

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