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Durka Returns - Farscape

Epsiode Synopsis

Moya collides with another ship as she comes out of starburst. As a result, Moya brings the crew onboard to help them out. When the crew disembark from the craft, Dominar Rygel XVI is horrified to see that one of them is Durka, a Peacekeeper captain who was responsible for tortuting him. Aeryn says he was killed over a hundred cycles ago but Durka confirms who he is. The other passenger says that he is now a changed man and should be treated as such. They have a dangerous criminal onboard and asks that she be put into confinement which the crew agree. They can't believe that he's still alive when Rygel says he saw him dead on the Zelbinion. He managed to fake his own death and escape, leaving the crew to themselves. When Crichton visits Chiana to find out what she's done, all she says is that she was a thief and that they're trying to cleanse her of what shes done.

When John Crichton visits Durka, a bomb rolls into the room causing Durka to be knocked out. Chiana manages to escape from her cell and visits Rygel. Whilst the crew search for Chiana, Crichton finds Salis, the prison warden dead. Suspicion falls immediately on Chiana. When Aeryn, Rygel and Durka are alone in the command room, Durka attacks Aeryn and takes control of the ship from Pilot. He barricades himself inside the room, preventing anyone from getting inside. Aeryn Sun is held down whilst he tries to extract information from the crew. D'argo finds a tunnel that may lead into the control room but Durka anticipates the move and locks him in. Crichton hunts down Chiana who knocks him to the floor. They come to some sort of arrangement where she will lead Durka into the room and Crichton will attack Durka. Chiana finds Durka in the corridors and leads him into the room as planned but not far enough for Crichton to attack him. Durka heads to the landing bay, he knows that Moya is pregnant and plans to kill the baby so the ship can starburst. He boards the craft that he arrived in and heads out. Crichton throws a bomb into the craft then watches as its destroyed. Pilot manages to regain control of the craft and saves Crichton from being sucked out into space. Chiana is to become one of the crew now.

This episode marks the first appearance of the Chiana who becomes a crew member.

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Next EpisodeA Human Reaction

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