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Earth is the 3rd planet from the Sun. The planet is classed as a rocky planet. Earth has been known for centuries ever since people looked to the stars and noticed a star moving across the sky.The mass of the object is 59736. The equatorial radius of the planet is 6378.1 whereas the volumetic mean radius is 6371. The Mean Density of the planet is 5515. The surface acceleration of the planet is 9.78. The time the planet takes to revolve round the Sun is 365.242 days or roughly 1.0 Earth Years. The length of a day on the planet is 24 hours, i.e. the time it takes to revolve once on its axis. The average temperature of the planet is 283K/10C. The surface pressure of the planet is 1014mbars.

Earth is about 149600000.0km from the Sun. The Orbit Eccentricity is 0.0167, that is how much the orbit deviates from a circle, between 0 and 1. The Orbit Inclination is 0, that is how much the orbit deviates from a circle, between 0 and 1. The volume of Earth at the equator is 108.321. The escape velocity, the speed which is need to break free is 11.186. The surface gravity of Earth is 9.798 compared to Earth which for purpose of this site is 1. The following gasses can be found in the Earth's atmosphere : 78.084% Nitrogen (N2), 20.946% Oxygen (O2),. More information and the source for the moon can be found at N.A.S.A.

The Earth is the only known object in the solar system that harbours life. It is the planet we live on, it provides for all our needs, water, food and oxygen. For the last couple of billion years, it has support life, although for most of that time, it has been microbaterial. It is divided into seven /realcontinent/s which are Africa, Asia, Antarctica, Europe, North America, South America and Oceania


Earth Facts

Position from Sun3 A.U.
Equatorial Radius6378.1
Volumetric Mean Radius6371
Mean Density5515
Surface Acceleration9.78
Orbital Period365.242 Days
Length of Day24
Average Temperature283K/10C
Surface Pressure1014mbars
Distance from the Sun149600000.0km from the Sun.
Orbit Eccentricity0.0167
Orbit Escape Velocity11.186
Surface Gravity9.798
Atmosphere78.084% Nitrogen (N2), 20.946% Oxygen (O2),

List of Moons in orbit around Earth

MoonDiscoveredOrbit Circumference
Moon2,413,402.16 km

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