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Farscape - Eat Me

Epsiode Synopsis

John Crichton, Captain Ka Dargo, Chiana and Joolushko Tunai Fenta Hovalis are on a cargo ship that is in desperate need of supplies so they land aboard another Leviathan known as Rovhu. The Leviathan is in a bad state and to make matters worst, there's zombie like creatures onboard. D'argo and John make their way to the ships Pilot whilst Chiana and Jools stay with the cargo ship. The men split up and head off in different direction, its not long before D'argo comes up against Kaarvok and is seemingly killed. Chiana and John perform a ritual on D'argo before giving him a burial like ceremony. John manages to find Pilot and find out what's happened. The ship is a Peacekeeper prison ship for the criminally insane. The crew used to be Peacekeepers before the ship got attacked by the Scarrans. The zombies have been eating the craft and Pilot wants to die. When Chiana comes up against Kaarvok, he makes a copy of her and eats the copy. She makes it to back to the cargo ship where Jools is. Moya receives a distress call from Talyn and starbursts to find him.

Aeryn Sun visits the ship and brings an unconscious Crais back which Dominar Rygel XVI doesn't like. Kaarvok never killed D'argo, only the copy and wants him to mate with a zombie female but Chiana saves him from the fate. John faces Kaarvok once and for all before leaving for the Cargo ship. Already onboard is John or is it Johns clone ?

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