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End of the Line - Battlestar Galactica

Epsiode Synopsis

The episode starts with seeing a U87 machine trying to evade capture from ensuing military who are trying to stop it. The rest of the episode is the lead up to the escape. After failing to get his daughter, Zoe Graystone's avatar to show herself, Daniel Graystone orders that the prototype U87 be destroyed. On hearing this, Zoe tells Lacy Rand that she needs to speed up moving the U87 model that she's hiding in to Gemenon.

Sister Clarice Willow interferes in one of Barnabus's plans causing Barnabus to plot to kill her. Lacy turns to Barnabus who has a crate that can get the U87 to Gemenon and evade customs. Barnabus demands that Lacy does something for him, Lacy must swap Sister Clarice Willow's key fob with another one. After a little persuasion, Lacy agrees and manages to switch the fobs without anyone noticing what she has done.

Daniel is need of money and after a discussion with his closest colleague, Cyrus, Daniel agrees to sell for the money. Later on, Daniel is having preparing for a meal for him and his wife when she unexpectedly walks out on them. Amanda Graystone walks to a bridge and is in the final stages of committing suicide.

Emanuelle, the virtual character that had earlier promised to help Joseph Adama find his virtual daughter Tamara Adama manages to find Tamara and discusses with her the situation. Joseph manages to catch up with his daughter but she shoots herself and then him. Its revealed that Emanuelle is Joseph's girlfriend.

Episode Details

Previous EpisodeGhosts in the Machines
Next EpisodeUnvanquished

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