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Epiphanies - Battlestar Galactica

Epsiode Synopsis

President Laura Roslin condition worsens and she is taken to see Doctor Cottle. Whilst she is in a distress state, she begins to recall the past before the Cylon attacked. She recalled how she resolved a strike of teachers. Before the President was Education Secretary, she herself was a teacher. When Laura visits the President, the President is not pleased but later on, they kiss. During her recollections, she believes she saw Doctor Gaius Baltar kissing a Number Six clone.

When the President wakes up from her sleep, she tells Commander William Adama that the child that Lieutenant Sharon Valerii is carrying must be terminated because it is a threat to everyone. Baltar agrees.

Lieutenant Kara Thrace and another pilot are on drills in their Colonial Viper when one of the vipers fires its bullets, the bullets cause the gun to explode. The Vipers make it back to the Battlestar Galactica 2003 where Cpl. Tyrol investigtates. Tyrol identifies that the problem is caused by the bullets being fakes. Commander Adama tasks Captain Lee Adama and Starbuck to investigate.

Gauis takes up his seat as the President as Roslin is ill. He receives a call to visit Cloud Nine craft and when he does, he is greeted by Gina, the NUmber Six clone he freed from Battlestar Pegasus. It is revealed that Gina is behind the peace movement.

Starbuck and Apollo visit the place where the weapons are made and identify the culprit. The culprit wants the Galactica to make peace with the Cylons. During further investigations, Starbuck and Apollo identify a possible incident on a supply craft but when they visit in a Colonial Raptor, one of the peace movement blows themselves up causing damage to the ship but not destroying it.

Adama has to break it Lieutenant Helo that his child is to be terminated which he can't take and tries to take things into his own hands and causes a stand off when they clinicians take Sharon away from termination. Baltar comes along in the nick of time and says that she got it wrong and that the blood of the child could cure the President's disease. Dr Cottle agrees to inject the blood into the President. After a while, the blood cures the President.

Gina receives a nuclear device from a friend.

Episode Details

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