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Battlestar Galactica - Escape Velocity

Epsiode Synopsis

Its the day of Cally's funeral and Cpl. Tyrol has to make a speach which after wards, everyone departs but there's a few words between Tyrol and Tory Foster. Tyrol finds it hard to adjust to life without Cally and gets drunk in the episode and says a few things he wouldn't have said if he wasn't drunk to Commander William Adama and got demoted.

The commune that took in Dr. Gaius Baltar after his trial is attack by unknown assailants. Gaius as always hides out of cowardless. Later, Gaius leads a small group of people to attack the group he believes that are behind the attack on his commune and gets arrested for it.

The event prompts President Laura Roslin to enact some specific measures aimed at the commune and is bitterly opposed by Capt. Lee Adama ( Apollo ), not out of respect for Gaius but more for what it represents. The act is enacted and Gaius is kept out of his commune but when he tries to get inside, he is hit by the security guard. Only when Lee turns up does the guard stand down and lets Gaius inside.

Col. Saul Tigh keeps having meetings with the Number Six clone that they are holding and when Saul looks at her, he sees Ellen Tigh's face on the clone. When Saul turns off the security cameras, Number Six attacks him.

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