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Andromeda - Exalted Reason, Resplendent Daughter

Epsiode Synopsis

The Andromeda Ascendant is tasked with finding the runaway daughter of a king. King Shineoa San believes his daughter Aleyiss San is either dead or has run off with Kulis Bara. Kulis Bara is a wanted criminal.

Telemachus Rhade and Beka Valentine are despatched down to an industralised planet to seek information. Beka Valentine crosses paths with someone who she had dealt with and betrayed before joining the Andromeda. Together, Beka and Telemachus depatch the unwanted reunion guest.

Dylan Hunt plays host to the King which he sees as a way of getting the King onboard with the new Commonwealth that he is creating.

When Telemachus and Beka eventually catch up with Aleyiss, they are outnumbered and are captured. It is revealed at that point that Aleyiss is working with Kulis. Aleyiss reveals that she and Kulis won't kill them but instead turn them into slaves.

Eventually the King and Dylan end up on the planet and locate the others. The truth regarding the King and Kulis is revealed. The king tries to kill Kulis but only injuries him. Dylan reacts to the assassination attempt by shooting the King and falls into water. Telemachus carries an injured Kulis across a small pond and when Beka crosses, the King goes to grab Beka but fails.

Aleyiss and Kulis are reunited back on the craft and Dylan asks them to get marries. Dylan sees that the two lovers united will mean a lot of planets will join his commonwealth.

Trance Gemini and Seamus Harper only appear for a brief moment in the moment, say something then both are not seen again for the rest of the episode.

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