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Exit Strategies - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

It is three weeks since the crew of the Andromeda Ascendant managed to escape from the Magog Worldship. Seamus Harper still has the Magog eggs inside him but they have been put into a deep sleep by medication until they can eventually be removed. Throughout the episode, Seamus Harper wollows in his own self pity as he tries to deal with the Magog eggs inside him. Rommie tries to make Seamus see sense in any way she can. Trance Gemini is onboard the Ascendant but she doesn't play much of a role in this episode.

The rest of the crew are on board the Eureka Maru and they are under attack from a group of Nietzscheans forcing the Eureka to see sanctuary on a nearby ice planet. The Eureka Maru lands on the ice planet and Dylan Hunt goes off to explore the planet in the hope he can find a settlement that can provide them with the supplies he needs.

Rev Bem struggles with himself. Rev needs to eat otherwise he'll digest himself. The planet has no life that he can eat and he resists attacking and eating his crew members. Tyr has no problem with killing or removing Rev from the ship but Rebekah is dead against that idea.

The first part of the episode, they use real world environment as we see Dylan Hunt investigate a settlement they discovered on the planet. The settlement is under the control of the Nietscheans that had fired on the Ascendant earlier. Dylan Hunt is spotted and both him and the Nietzscheans fire at one another forcing Dylan to run. Dylan runs into Tyr Anasazi who helps Dylan to flee. During a pause in the running, the Nietzsceheans call out Tyrs name leading to Dylan wanting answers what is going on.

Tyr and Dylan make it back to the Eureka Maru as the space ship falls into a sinkhole. Once the Eureka has landed in the tunnel, Tyr leaves the crew to face the other Nietzscheans where he offers the Nietzscheans weapons but it turns out to be a trap. Tyr is saved by Dylan who Tyr runs into in the caves and they make it back to the Eureka Maru.

Rebekah Valentine who had been on the Eureka Maru the whole time has managed to get the Eureka Maru ready for launch. Before the Eureka can take off, the Nietzscheans block the way. The planets natives are giant worms which attack the Nietzscheans, paving the way for the Eureka Maru to take off.

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I'm glad Tyr went after Dylan to rescue him. It's interesting he did this persuaded by Beka. He cares too much about his own survival and too little for his friends'. Now he's learning another way of life. To care about the others too. I think Tyr is a masterpiece as a character, but he was ruined in Seasons 3 and 4 (especially 4). Making him evil was not natural, it was forced. Couldn't they keep both Tyr and Rhade in the show?
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