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Exodus from Genesis - Farscape

Epsiode Synopsis

Moya enters the dust cloud caused by an asteroid explosion. As they do so they become aware of a Peacekeeper scout craft and take evasive action. Whilst they are inside the cloud, a strange alien being creeps aboard. The environment aboard the space ship become hot leading to Aeryn, a sebacean to have problems. Each of the crew experience a prick like a thorn but take nothing of it. When John Crichton retires to his room, he spots what looks like a bug and kills it. On examination, Pau Zotoh Zhaan says the DNA from the alien matches Crichtons. When John leaves the rest, he is attacked by Zhaan as she turns up the heating on the ship. When he eventually makes it to the bridge, he is attacked by Aeryn Sun which leads to Critchon killing Aeryn and ripping off her arm. It becomes clear that someone is making clones of them so they agree that they all have a mark on their hand to tell them apart from the clones. However it doesn't work as the clones are able to copy the mark. After a fight, Crichton manages to kill his clone and meet with the others Zhaan has become a gateway between the alien clone makers and the rest of the crew. She tells them they only want to make clones then leave. An agreement is made that they will leave the alien being alone whilst the clones are made. However their agreement comes to an end when a Peacekeeper force get aboard and start shooting the clones. Critchon with the aid of Dominar Rygel XVI convince the cloners that those killing the clones are not them and that they can defeat them. The cloner agrees and with the aid of Crichtons clones, they take on the peacekeeper force who are are feeling the heat. Near death, The Peacekeepers agree to leave the ship. The clones are finished making their kind and leave.

Episode Details

Previous EpisodeI, E.T.
Next EpisodeThrone for a Loss

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