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Battlestar Galactica - Experiment in Terra

Epsiode Synopsis

Battlestar Galactica squadrons are sent to follow the Eastern Alliance ship that escaped from the Galactica in the last episode. Capt. Apollo's ship is attacked by the light craft that appeared in War of the Gods. Unlike last time where Apollo only saw faceless people, this time, he meets a humanoid called John. John was played by Edward Mulhare, better known for his role as Devon Miles in the eighties Knight Rider.

John tells Apollo he's the only person who can stop a war of worlds. Apollo is given a new face but we only see Richard Hatches and is sent to Terra. Apollo lands and is picked up by Brenda, his namesake's girlfriend who takes him home. Apollo's cover is that he's Charlie who escaped from a Luna 1 prison camp controlled by the Eastern Alliance. Apollo doesn't know who Brenda or anyone else is until John appears to tell him the basics for him to get by. Brenda has Apollo arrested.

Lt. Starbuck breaks off from the other members of the squadron to travel to Terra, Apollo would have done the same for him. When Starbuck lands, he finds Apollo's Colonial Viper but no sign of Apollo. Starbuck stuns soldiers who had come to investigate the strange Viper. Starbuck locates the building that Apollo is being held in and at that moment, John appears to Starbuck to change his appearance in the same way he did to Apollo. Starbuck finds and releases Apollo then with the other released prisoners plot the solution to the problem.

Commander Adama has ordered the Galactica to leave the Convoy and travel to Terra in the hope of bringing about peace and answers.

The President of Terra has signed a peace treaty but the Eastern Alliance use it as a trick to attack Terra. The President appeared before his planet's council to let them know the details of the treaty. Capt. Apollo is allowed to address the council whilst Starbuck leaves to contact the Battlestar Galactica and get them to help. At the same time, the Eastern Alliance launch nuclear missiles at the planet of Terra but the missiles are destroyed by the Galactica that is in orbit round the planet. The Eastern Alliance wants a new peace treaty.

As Capt. Apollo leaves, John tells Apollo that Terra isn't Earth.

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