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Andromeda - Fair Unknown

Epsiode Synopsis

The crew of the Andromeda Ascendant come across a Kalderan space ship and Rommie is sent across to investigate. There are no survivors so Rommie is bought back. They watch the security feed of the Kaldarens where Dylan Hunt notices a Vedran in a split second shot. Vedrans are from his home planet, Tarn-Vedra. Rebekah Valentine suggests that they destroy the Kalderan ship which Dylan Hunt agrees. The Ascendant heads to the planet where they believe the Vedran has escaped to.

The planet that Vedran has escaped to is heavily guarded by Kalderans but a small team consisting of Dylan Hunt, Rommie and Trance Gemini go down to the planet to find the Vedran. The team are attacked by a group of humans who are then attacked by Vedrans, forcing the two groups to work together. The leader of the hostile humans Mya agrees to show Dylan the Vedran after the battle for survival is over.

The Ascendant is controlled by Rebekah Valentine and Tyr Anasazi as they deal with Kalderan space ships closing in on their position.

The Vedran is Uxulta, a senior female Admiral, the only one to have survived the crash earlier. The others have been buried in a circle awaiting the death of the female of the pack. The Admiral tries to assume command of the Andromeda Ascendant but Dylan tries to push back. The Admiral shouts out a code which authorises her command of the ship much to Dylans dislike. The Admiral wants to go to Ral Parthia and use a nova bomb on the planet which disagrees with everything that Dylan has stood for. The Admiral refuses to reveal why she wants to use the Nova Bomb.

In the end, Dylan agrees to the Admirals order and Seamus Harper attaches a Nova Bomb to the Admirals ship. The Admiral departs and then tells Dylan to run as she uses the bomb to hide Ral Parthia presumed.

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