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Battlestar Galactica - Faith

Epsiode Synopsis

Onboard the Demetrius, Lt. Helo has taken command of the ship as he has ignored Lt. Kara Thrace ( Starbuck ) orders to jump. Lt. Felix Gaeta agreed with Helo. During the melee, Samuel Anders grabs a gun and shoots Felix in the leg and seriously wounds him. After the shooting, everyone calms down. Starbuck announces that she will go with Leoben Conoy to where Leoben said was the site of a battle. Helo will only give Starbuck 17 hours and 7 minutes before they jump away.

President Laura Roslin is back in hospital and now has lost all her hair. Laura's cancer is back and seemingly with vengeance. She explores the medical bay and annoys a fellow patient before later coming back and making friends. The other woman dies during the episode and Laura dreams that she and the other woman are on a boat on their way to see Laura's mum on the river bank.

Leoben, Kara, Sam, Athena and a few other personnel board a Colonial Viper and leave for the location that Leoben talked about. When they reach the location, they can see the destruction that has become of the battle. The Raptor flies through the debris before landing on a Cylon Basestar. When Sharon gets off the craft, she is met by a number of fellow clones who ask for her help. Athena tells them that they need to make their own way in which disappoints them.

Natalie greets the visitors and takes them eventually to the hybrid that controls the Basestar. There's a confrontation between a colonial engineer and a peroxide blonde Number Six that results in the death of the engineer. Samuel Anders points his gun at the back of the head of the Number Six ready to shoot. Natalie comes along and pulls the trigger. The Number Six who is shot is dead, there's no Resurrection Ship nearby.

Everyone returns to the Hybrid control where they try to deactivate the hybrid but in the ensuing incident, a Cylon soldiers shoots a Boomer clone. The soldier is killed by the Colonials and then they return to deactivate the hybrid.

Back on the Demetrius, the time is running out and Helo is able to return to the Galactica fleet when the badly damaged Cylon Basestar containing Kara and others appear.

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