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Battlestar Galactica - False Labor

Epsiode Synopsis

Amanda Graystone is now living with Sister Clarice Willow and trying her best to fit in but Amanda has made an enemy of Ma-Beth who is due to give birth and who does so at the end of the episode.

Sam Adama is caught by Atreus and his crimnal gang trying to smuggle guns which results in the death of a colleague. The Guatrau tells Sam he must make things right by killing the other gang's boss. Sam borrows a Cylon machine to make good and massacre the other gang in a penthouse nightclub. Incidentally, the actor who played Atreus (Ben Cotton) also played Coker Fasjovik in the spin off, Blood and Chrome.

Daniel Graystone has some frustration with his wife's avatar as he tries to work out how he is going to win her back.

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