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Whilst Moya is hiding out in an asteroid field, Dominar Rygel XVI has sold out the crew of Moya and had gone to Scorpius's battleship to make a deal for his own life. Scorpius suggests torturing the Hynerian but Bialar Crais tells him to risky and could kill Rygel before revealing any details, Scorpius decides to pamper the Hynerian with food. All Rygel wants is food and a shp and crew to leave this area.

Rygel returns to Moya with Crais who asks for asylum much to everyone's surprise. Captain Ka Dargo attacks Crais where Crais reveals that D'argo is in fact innocent, he was framed for the murder. Aeryn Sun reveals it was her brother who was responsible but she was unable to provide the necessary information to get D'argo off. Crais also revels that he has forgiven John Crichton over the incident that caused the death of Crais's brother.

The crew intend on blowing up Gammak Station which is Scorpius' secret base. They plan to destroy it by ramming a transport pod with explosives onto the base but that would not work as the pod would be blown up before it even touched the planet. The second plan is to ignite the oil on the surface of the moon. Crichton and D'argo plan to pilot the craft as close to the place as possible then exit before the explosion.

Crais manages to get onboard Talyn, the immature son of Moya and leaves much to the annoyance of everyone else. Moya starbursts away from the area leaving John and Ka D'argo floating in space unconscious.

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