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Doctor Who - Fathers Day

Epsiode Synopsis

The Doctor takes Rose back to when her father is killed on the way to a wedding. Rose acting on impulse runs and saves her father from being killed. This has an affect on the timeline changing the future. Reapers, giant winged serpents appear through a dimensions portal, a side-effect of changing what has happened. Everyone takes sanctuary inside a church whilst The Doctor works out what to do.

Rose was always bought up being told how great her father is but the reality is different from what she`s told. Rose is a baby in those days. Her father and mother do not see eye to eye on anything. Faced with being time-locked, her father notices a car appearing and disappearing, he realises to get time back to normal, he must die. He leaves the church and walks in front of the car thus killing himself.

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Associated Characters

AceAmy PondAshildrBill PottsBrigadier Lethbridge-Stewart
Clara OswaldDavrosDonna NobleJamieK9
LeelaMartha JonesMelMickey SmithNardole
PeriRaniRassilonRiver SongRomana
Rory WilliamsSarah-Jane SmithThe MasterValeyard 

Associated Planets

AlzariusArgolisAsia MinorAtriosCastrovlva
ChlorisDelta MagnaDeva LokaDulkisExxilon
FrontiosGallifreyInter MinorJacondaKarfel
MarsMetebelis 3MondasNecrosNerva
PeladonRibosSan HeliosSegonaxSense-Sphere
SvartosTelosTerra AlphaThoros BetaTigella
VarosVortisXerosZanakZeta Minor

Associated Aliens

Great VampiresIce WarriorJudoonKrillitanesKrynoid
MandrelsMarshmenMorokOodSea Devil
The SilenceThe SirenTimelordTritovoreTythonians
VervoidWeeping AngelsWirrnZygon 

Associated Spaceships


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