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Fear Burns Down to Ashes - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

Dylan Hunt receives a message from Rev Bem telling him to come to him alone to the planet Juko which he has details of a weapon to stop the Abyss. Dylan accepts the invite to see Rev Bem despite protests from the rest of the crew because of the reputation of the planet and druggies on the planet. Once Dylan has left the safety of the Andromeda Ascendant, Beka Valentine decides it is time to follow Dylan.

When Dylan lands on Juko and finds Rev Bem, Dylan Hunt is hit with a dart that knocks Dylan out. The dart is retrieved from Dylan and handed to a hooded woman who places the dart inside his cleavage.

When Dylan comes round, Dylan finds himself onboard a prison ship which heavily damaged and is heading towards a black hole like the one that he got frozen in time for three hundred years. After doing some searching, he discovers Rev Bem tied up being tortured so Dylan frees him. Dylan and Rev Bem work to escape the ship.

Beka Valentine and Telemachus Rhade visit the planet and try to locate Dylan Hunt. All that Rhade and Beka are able to find is Dylan's communicator and force lance. The two of them find a small town where there is a fight before one of the inhabitants agrees to show the two Andromeda crew members where Dylan is. All the inhabitant does is to lead the two personnel around in circles. Beka decides to make a hole in the ground as she believes there is a tunnel underneath which is she correct.

After searching the tunnels, Rhade and Beka discover Sakkai Saguro, a female scientist where they take her back to the Ascendant. Trance Gemini and Rommie question Sakkai with Rommie holding Sakkai's wrists to test to see if shes telling the truth which she is. Sakkai wearing a loose top showing more cleavage than any of the other few cast member makes suggestive comments to Seamus Harper and he falls for them.

Dylan Hunt and Rev Bem have made it to the hanger bay which is open, they use rope to get into the bay and then close the doors. Rev Bem and Dylan get onboard a slip fighter and leave the doomed ship. The slip fighter is picked up by the Eureka Maru which had been sent out to investigate nearby places for Dylan Hunt.

This marked the last time we see Rev Bem in an episode in the series.

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