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Fight of the Phoenix - Battlestar Galactica

Epsiode Synopsis

Life on the Battlestar continues as normal. Lieutenant Kara Thrace (Starbuck ), Captain Lee Adama o and an unnamed pilot are praticing their shooting when the air in the chamber starts reducing. The unnamed pilot is first to succumb. The other two escape with seconds to go by shooting out a window so that the air can rush in. It transpires a computer virus had uploaded itself into the Galactica whilst Lieutenant Felix Gaeta was trying to locate the rest of the fleet in "Scattered". Gaeta is tasked with killing the virus but nearly cracks up under pressure from Tigh. A large armada of Cylon fighters are discovered heading for the Galactica. Colonial Viper fighters are despatched to deal with the threat but there's a stand-off. Boomer offers to help the Galactica rid itself of the virus. Against everyone else's wishes, he agrees. Boomer connects herself via her arm to the ships computer. After an anxious minute, the Cylon Raider begin smashing into one another. Adama orders the destruction of the rest of the ships..

Cpl. Tyrol is keeping himself busy by building a Viper from scratch. He is at first met with scepticism but later is helped by the rest of the support team. Kara volunteers to test fly the craft which although shakey, works. Phoenix is also a constellation, it is the bird that rose from the ashes.

Episode Details

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