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Battlestar Galactica - Fire in Space

Epsiode Synopsis

The Cylons launch an all out attack on the Battlestar Galactica. When the Colonial Vipers are launched to intercept, the Cylons do not engage but carry on to attack the Battlestar. Two Cylon Marauders get through the defence and hit the Battlestar. One of the Cylon Marauders hits the bridge and Commander Adama is seriously injured. The other Cylon hits the port launch bay for the Vipers.

Lt. Boomer is on recreation when the battle happened with Lt. Athena and Boxy. When the attack occurs, the recreation room is locked to protect those inside from any fumes or depressurisation. Smoke is still able to get under the door. Lt. Boomer takes control of the situation and gets everyone to move to the other side.

The firefighting looks like they are loosing, a plan is to put forward to try to knock out the flames by firing chemicals at the fire from the outside. Lt. Starbuck, Capt. Apollo and Lt. Sheba are called upon to target the fire from the outside. It looks like the plan works but the fire comes back.

Commander Adama tells Col. Tigh that they need to blow holes in the ship to allow for the air to be sucked out and therefore the flames to go out. Tigh assigns Starbuck and Apollo to the task with Sheba watching in a Colonial Viper. The plan works and the craft is ventilated and the fires go out.

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