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Flesh and Bones - Battlestar Galactica

Epsiode Synopsis

It starts with the President Laura Roslin dreaming of her being in a wood and a little girl running away from her. When soldiers are approaching, she is pulled to safety by a Leoben Conoy (Number Two) clone who then disappears as if being sucked out of an airlock. The President wakes up and is told by her assistant, that they've caught a Number Two on board one of the ships.

Commander William Adama asks Lieutenant Kara Thrace to interrogate the prisoner which turns out to be the same model as the one in the Presidents Dreams.

The clone and Starbuck start a battle of mind games as the clone reveals that on board one of the ships is a nuclear bomb that will go off unless it is found and deactivated. During the clones interrogation, Starbuck authorises the clone to be beaten up to egg him on to turn into a Cylon so he doesn't feel pain.

Lieutenant Sharon Valerii reveals that she's having thoughts she might be a Cylon to Cpl. Tyrol who ignores her. Boomer goes to see Doctor Gaius Baltar to get him to test her. Gaius passed Boomer although the tests say that she is a Cylon.

On Caprica, Boomer leaves Lieutenant Helo to report to a Number Six and Five that they had sex and then runs back to Helo and tells him that they have to go,

The President visits the Number Two that is being interrogated to gain information but nothing is forthcoming. When the President discovers that Starbuck is torturing the Number Two, she is appalled. She apologies to the Cylon for the treatment that he has had to be put through. The Cylon reveals he made up the bomb to escape death. The President orders him to be blown out the airlock and reluctantly, Starbuck carries out the order.

Episode Details

Previous EpisodeSix Degrees of Separation
Next EpisodeTigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down

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