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Doctor Who - Flesh and Stone

Epsiode Synopsis

The remaining armed clerics along with The Doctor, River Song and Amy Pond are now standing upside down on the top of the spaceship that had crashed in the previous episode. The break into the spaceship as the Weeping Angels move in. The survivors make their way through the ship, first to the bridge and then to a forrest in the middle of the ship.

The Doctor realises that Amy keeps saying numbers in her speech which she doesn't recognise. The Doctor tells Amy to trust him and the others, she must keep her eyes closed all the time.

The Crack in the universe that has been plaguing the Doctor has appeared and beginning to have an effect. The Cleric Soldiers that guarded army went off to investigate the light from the crack but don't come back. When Amy asks about them, the remaining clerics have no idea what she's talking about. Eventually all the clerics that were protecting her disappear and she's on her own. The Weeping Angels are all around but the Angels don't know she's not looking at her.

The Doctor instructs Amy to move towards the front base with the impression she is looking. Amy trips over and that is when the Angels realise she's isn't looking at them. Amy gets up and continues to the front base.

When Amy has arrived, the Doctor secures the remaining survivors and then makes the ship stand up. The Weeping Angels fall to the back of the ship and into the Crack in the Universe making them all disappear.

After celebrating, river Song is rearrested and taken away. The Doctor and Amy go to the Tardis and travel back to Amy's time and to Amy's home. Amy attempts to get it on with the Doctor by kissing him. The Doctor rebuffs all Amy's advantages and escapes into the Tardis.

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