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Forced Perspective - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

Rebekah Valentine and Tyr Anasazi are left in control of the Andromeda Ascendant whilst Dylan Hunt and Trance Gemini visit a trading post to get some supplies. Rebekah gets a bit edgy knowing that the Eureka Maru, her ship is not under her control or in the landing back of the Ascendant.

Dylan Hunt is carrying out a routine operation onboard the Eureka Maru when it is invaded by helmetted men who disable Dylan and take him away. When Dylan wakes up, he find he's in a chair on trial for murder and other crimes. He recognises the accuser as someone he had had dealings with 300 years ago before being captured by the black hole. The rest of the episode is a mix of what happened 300 years ago and now.

300 years ago, Dylan Hunt was assigned a mission with Gaheris Rhade to capture the leader of the planet Mobius to bring him to trial even though the planet wasn't a member of The Commonwealth. They were assigned names, Mr April (Dylan) and Mr March (Gaheric) and they were to meet with a Mr May on the planet. The meeting went smoothly enough, using code words to identify one another. Mr May takes the other two men through a series of corridors where they come face to face with the planet leader's security guards where they end up killing the guards. Mr May is distraught that they had to kill the guards which he had hoped they wouldn't do. They reach the target and end up killing the leader instead of capturing him. On their return to Commonwealth headquarters, both men are promoted and Dylan becomes Captain Dylan Hunt.

In the present, Mr May reveals that one of the interrogators is the daughter of the security guard that Dylan killed. After getting nowhere with the questioning, Dylan is taken away for torture then is put back in his cell. Trance Gemini manages to located and free Dylan Hunt. Instead of escaping, Dylan sets out to right the wrongs of the past as he tracks down Mr May. Dylan discovers that Mr May had been creating clones to prolong his life so that he can be 300 years ago. Dylan locates and confronts Mr May but doesn't kill him, Dylan gives Mr May options on the future.

It is in this episode that Dylan Hunt works out that Trance Gemini has the ability to see into the future and therefore decide on which way to go. Trance reveals that she is not always right.

Onboard the Ascendant, the relationship between Tyr and Rebekah seems to be growing closer. Tyr makes Rebekah a lovely dinner and when Rebekah suggest possible romance, Tyr calls all non-Nietzschean women weak and he isn't interested in dating them.

Episode Details

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