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For Whom the Bell Tolls - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

Using the Eureka Maru, Captain Dylan Hunt rescues his colleagues Seamus Harper and Rebekah Valentine from the surface of Virgil IX. In addition to picking up his crew, Dylan inadvertently also picks up some bugs from the planet. When Dylan discovers the bugs on the Eureka Maru, he soon discovers that they can eat through metal. Dylan initiates a quarantine of the ship but a bug manages to get off the ship by being attached to Seamus's shoe.

At first, Seamus Harper begins hallucinating but is put down to the fact that he's reading a horror book that Beka gave him. Its not long before Tyr Anasazi has a hallucination and then Trance Gemini.

Dylan is notified by Rommie that the ship is infested by the bugs and so Dylan begins his plan to remove them. Seamus comes up with a plan to get rid of the bugs but falls asleep before being woken up by Trance. Finally Dylan sees the hallucination. Dylan and Rommie descend into a part of the Andromeda Ascendant that they had never explored before. In the unexplored room, they find a dead body who matches that of the hallucination.

The dead person had transferred his personality into an A.I. and is now bent on revenge on the people who ignored him. Eddie had no friends except Dylan according to Rommie. Eddie disables Rommie and plans to cause the Andromeda to self-destruct. Every crew member except Dylan heads for the Eureka to escape but they can't leave the Ascendant. Dylan manages to persuade Eddie that the Andromeda should not self-destruct. In a last action before he self-destructs, Eddie erradicates the infestation.

Seamus hands back to Beka a box full of horror comics which is soon discovered that a bug is inside. Dylan announces that they are never going back to Virgil IX as we see a shot of the Andromeda and then the titles start.

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