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Fractures - Farscape

Epsiode Synopsis

The episode starts with the crew of Moya (John Crichton, Captain Ka Dargo, Chiana and Joolushko) awaiting the arrival of Talyn and her crew of Aeryn Sun, Rygel, Bialar Crais and the copy of John Crichton. When the cargo ship touches down, the vessel occupants turn out to be a Hynerian, a Nerbari, a Peacekeeper and a Scarran. The Peacekeeper is taken into custody along with the Scarran.

Chiana becomes close friends with the other Nebari, a female who turns out to be androgen, an intersex Nebari who has survived birth and not been put down.

When the cargo ship containing the rest of the crew arrive, the meeting between Aeryn and Crichton is a cold one, no hugging. Bialar reveals to Crichton that the other Crichton died from a radiation exposure and he should give Aeryn time.

Pilot alerts the crew that someone has sent a signal from within Moya to The Peacekeepers that they are alive. Suspicions turns to the new crew, all of whom had just escaped from the Peacekeepers. The new escapees had been part of a Peacekeeper experiment that aimed to see how they would react when the new Peacekeeper weapon was used on them. Every escapee is protected by one of the regular crew members, the Scarrans innocence is protested by Ka D'argo, the Nebari by Chiana and the female Hynerian by Rygel.

Joolushko Tunai Fenta Hovalis and Bialar Crais are working to put a Boolite back together. A Boolite is an alien life form that can live even when blown to pieces for a cycle. It is hoped that the two can reassemble the alien so that it reveals the identity of the traitor in the midst.

A second signal is sent to the Peacekeepers, this time the signal reveals Moyas location and now the hunt is on for the traiter.

The traitor is revealed to be the female Hynerian who frees the captured Peacekeeper and together the two capture Dominar Rygel XVI and escape in a cargo ship. Ka D'argo, Crichton and Aeryn follow the craft as it attempts to get as far away as it can from Moya. Once the pursuing craft catches up with the escapees, Aeryn and Crichton use a rope to slide over to the other craft and rescue Rygel. In the end, Rygel bites the hand of the female Hynerian and she floats away.

The episode ends as Crichton watches a holographic video of the other Crichton giving some advice.

Episode Details

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