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Fragged - Battlestar Galactica

Epsiode Synopsis

Captain Lee Adama plans and leads a mission to rescue those soldiers that may or may not be alive. Col. Saul Tigh has to deal with a request by the Council of Quorom to see the President Laura Roslin. Tigh tries to hold them off for as long as possible but in the end relents. He relents because he believes the President has gone slightly mad. When they meet her, Roslin perks up. As a result of this, he declares martial law.

The soldiers on Kobol discover a Cylon gun battery. It must be destroyed before any rescue mission can be initiated. The gun is split into two sections, a radar and the main firing section. Crashdown orders that the team hits the gun not the radar. The team plan the attack but when it comes to the crunch, Cally refuses to take part. Crash threatens to shoot Cally if she doesn't comply after a county of three. Doctor Gaius Baltar shoots Crash when he reaches three, thus saving Cally's life. The blast from Baltar alerts the Centurions and they start their chase. The team retreats back towards the radar. If the radar is destroyed, the gun won't fire in the right direction automatically. Cpl. Tyrol blows up the radar then goes mad, shooting at the Cylons. He is saved by gunfire from a Raptor that has arrived. Once the Centurions have been destroyed, the Raptor lands to pick up the survivors then leaves for Galactica.

Episode Details

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