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Star Trek - Voyager - Fury

Epsiode Synopsis

Whilst continuing their journey, Voyager is contacted by another craft. Onboard is an older Kes to the one they had said goodbye to in a few series ago. She asks for help and Janeway is all to willing to give it. As the craft approaches docking, it speeds up on a collision course with Voyager. Kes teleports herself onto the craft and makes her way through the ship to Engineering. Security are no match for the all powerful Kes who pushes them aside with her telepathic ability. Once inside engineering, she faces off against Seven and B'elanna. Kes makes her way over to the warp core and touches it. In the melee that ensues, B'elanna is killed. Kes opens a time portal and returns to a time not long after they first met. She switches places with the Kes of that time and begins her work. Tuvox begins experiencing premonitions of the future which he can't understand, he sees Naomi Wilding before she's born, Seven- in her re-generation chamber before she's rescued. Kes contacts the Vidiians and makes a pact with them, the crew of the Voyager for passage back to her world of Ocampa. The Vidiians agree and set a trap for Voyager. Janeway works out what is happening and confronts Kes who has awoken the younger Kes as they plan to leave the craft. Janeway kills the older Kes and takes the Kes of her time to medical. There Kes, Tuvox and Janeway hatch a plan for the future. When the future is played out again, Janeway is ready with a holographic version of the earlier Kes to confront the older Kes.

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