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Galactica Discovers Earth - Battlestar Galactica

Epsiode Synopsis

Part 1

The Battlestar Galactica has now found Earth but its not as advanced as what the fleeing colonists had hoped for. After talking between themselves, Commander Adama and Doctor Zee, a prodigical child address the colonial warriors.

The warriors are sent in pairs down to the planet to see how people on Earth would cope with the Colonials. Lieutenant Dillon and Capt. Troy are assigned to Los Angeles, United States. Dillon and Troys objective is to find Doctor Donald Mortinson who is knowledgeable on nuclear power according to a television transmission that the Galactica picked up.

Dillon and Troy land their Colonial Vipers outside the city, turn the crafts invisible then drive motorbikes into the city. On the way into the city, they are accosted by a motorcycle gang and so they use their flying ability to escape from the gang who end up crashing. Later on, after hiding their motorcycles, Dillon and Troy arrive at a petrol station where they meet Jamie Hamilton, a woman on the way to an interview at a news television site. Jamie gives them a lift to the Pacific Institute of Technology where there is a protest going on against Mortinsons plans.

Dillon and Troy enter the university building, knock out the security guard and get to Mortinsons room. Mortinson is out at the time, Troy changes the formula on Mortinsons computer and then leave. The Colonials are arrested and when Mortinson returns, he sees the formula which he had been trying to resolve. Mortinson wants to meet Dillon and Troy who have been arrested. Mortinson gives Jamie a call after the Colonials had given Mortinson her number for help.

At the interview, the interviewer on hearing that Mortinson called Jamie wants to use it to his benefit and get Jamie to interview Mortinson. If Jamie gets the interview, she'll get the job.

Dillon and Troy are thrown in prison and use their invisibility watches to plot their escape from the prison.

Part 2

Dillon and Troy have escaped prison using their invisibility watches and catch up with Jamie. The three meet Mortinson and get into his car. Following the escapees are the video crew from the company that Jamie wants to work for. The police give chase which prompts Dillon to want to drive and takes over the driving. Its not long before their escape car is on two wheels. Dillon smashes the car into a shop which enables Dillon, Troy and Jamie to disappear.

Dillon and Troy return to their Colonial Vipers. Jamie insists on going with them and so take Jamie with them to the Galactica to meet Adama. Adama tells the two Colonials that Commander Xavier has travelled back in time to speed up Earth's technology so that Earth can help fight the Cylons. Jamie insists on going with them because her historical knowledge can help.

Dillon, Troy and Jamie travel back in time to the 1940s where they are immediately attacked by the Luftwaffe but the Luftwaffe break off after thinking the Colonials are an experimental aircraft.

The Vipers land in a field and the crafts are made invisible. They spot a person bailing out of a combat aircraft and Jamie insists on helping him as he's American. The American doesn't want the Colonial help but that soon changes when the airman is nearly caught by the German hunting party.

The American pilot agrees to help them and takes them to a railway near the town that they want to go to. They witness Jewish people being loaded onto a train. Jamie insists on helping a small child who has nearly escaped and reluctantly, the others help.

The airman takes them to a secret hideout in town which is attacked by the Gestapo. The Colonials hide along with the airman and Jamie as the others are taken away.

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