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Battlestar Galactica - Gravedancing

Epsiode Synopsis

Its the day that Daniel Graystone is going to face the chat show host who has been taking the mick out of him on television. However, when the interview goes ahead, Amanda Graystone interrupts and gets involved. During the conversation, Daniel admits that his daughter was trouble against his own view. He says on live that he will shut down the holodesks which actually provide 70% of their revenue.

Jordan Durum leads a search party with a warrant on the Graystones house. The fact that Jordan turned up meant that Sam Adama had to postpone killing Amanda till later. After the interview on television, Joseph Adama changes his mind on ordering Sam to kill Amanda but can't get hold of Sam. At the television studio, Sam pretends to be the driver who will take Amanda home. Secretly, Sam was taking Amanda somewhere to kill her but he got the text message not to and Amanda lives.

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